Set of 456 painted panels “Ändlös Vägg”/”Endless Wall” by Einar Höste,
Sweden. 1970's.

Painted wooden panels.

This is the artist's most significant work.

H: 100 cm/ 29 3/8"
W: 70 cm/ 27 1/2"

Each panel is marked in the back with a letter, a number, and a sketch of its position within the whole installation.

Only eight of the 456 panels are pictures here.

The work has never been shown in its entirety. In the year 2000, 273 of the 456 panels were put together at the House of Sculpture in Stockholm.

The artist's own collection.

Einar Höste, Sluten Rymd, 2002, p. 17-18
Bo Sylvan Einar Höste, 2005, p. 112-113

Price: 7 500 SEK each

Approximate price in your local currency
716 EUR
805 USD
645 GBP
86 602 JPY

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