Armchair ‘Aluminiumfåtölj’ model 34-50/200 designed by Mats Theselius for Källemo,
Sweden, 1990.

Aluminium and birch bark.

Provenance: From a private Swedish collection.

50 examples of this chair model were made in birch bark, and the rest in leather. This example is marked one of the fifty made with birch bark. Stamped.

The Swedish designer Mats Theselius, born 1956, is known for his unique and unusual designs that are often produced as limited editions. He worked very closely with the manufacturer Källemo, who produced almost all of his works. He was also a professor of design at Gothenburg university between 1995 – 1996.

The Armchair 'Aluminiumfåtölj' model 34-50/200, a remarkable creation by designer Mats Theselius in collaboration with Källemo, Sweden, in 1990, encapsulates a unique blend of form, materiality, and craftsmanship. This iconic piece stands as a testament to Theselius' innovative design philosophy and his ability to reimagine conventional furniture forms. The chair's nomenclature, 'Aluminiumfåtölj,' hints at its distinctive feature: a frame crafted from sleek aluminum. This material choice not only imparts a contemporary industrial aesthetic but also showcases Theselius' penchant for experimenting with unconventional mediums. The chair's silhouette, a harmonious convergence of angles and curves, demonstrates Theselius' meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a piece that exudes both visual appeal and functional comfort. Its significance within the realm of Swedish design is underscored by its association with Källemo, a brand renowned for nurturing collaborations with visionary designers.

Within the design, the interplay of materials and textures further elevates the Armchair 'Aluminiumfåtölj.' The marriage of cold, metallic aluminum with the warmth of birch upholstery creates a captivating contrast that adds depth to the chair's character. This juxtaposition of elements not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also draws attention to the tactile qualities of the chair, inviting users to experience its unique blend of luxury and modernity. Through this design, Mats Theselius succeeded in crafting a functional artwork that resonates with the ethos of its time while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of conventional furniture design. The Armchair 'Aluminiumfåtölj' model 34-50/200 stands as a testament to Theselius' enduring influence and his ability to bridge the gap between artistry and functionality within the context of contemporary Swedish design.

H: 73.5 cm / 2' 4 3/4"
W: 58.5 cm / 1' 11"
D: 60 cm / 2'
Seat H: 49 cm / 1' 7 1/4"

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