Bookshelf, anonymous,
Sweden, 1930s.

Painted wood.

This sizeable modernist bookshelf's black and white aesthetic makes it a thrilling Scandinavian collectable. The distinct, graphic pattern created by the shelves is decorative and yet practical — their different heights allow for the presentation of books or even a sculpture or plant. Although the piece was repainted, the boarding on the back proves that it is an original from the 1930s, which became the Swedish “funkis" (functionalism) style’s defining decade.

Axel-Einar Hjort's ranges “Futurum" and “Sibylla” come to mind here; Hjort was the chief designer at the famous department store Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm and one of Sweden's most important producers of modernist furniture.

H: 119.5 cm / 3' 10 3/4"
W: 182.5 cm / 5 11 1/4"
D: 30.5 cm / 1'

* SOLD *

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