Ceiling lamp designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara,
Finland. 1955.



Provenance: Villa Rauma-Repola, Rauma, Finland.

L: 158 cm/ 5' 2 3/4''
W: 139 cm/ 4' 7 1/4''
H: 121 cm/ 3' 11 3/4''

A one-off piece commissioned for Villa Rauma-Repola, Finland, this majestic copper ceiling light structure is a marvel to behold. It is suspended by four straight arms on each corner to support the immense cluster of thirty bulbs in total. These also feature copper inserts that when illuminated will bathe any setting in a warm and comforting glow, a fitting effect for the fixture’s original home in the typically cold west coast of Finland. The honeycomb configuration of the piece is unarguably a striking statement once installed.

Price: on application

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