Ceramic relief ‘Sinnligt’ by Vivi Calissendorff,
Sweden, early 2000s.

Wall hung ceramic.

Signed an dated.

H: 39 cm/ 1' 3 1/2"
W: 32 cm/ 1 1"

Vivi Calissendorff is nothing short of a marvel, the 90-year-old Swedish ceramist still producing works of art well into her eighties, and now deservedly represented in the National Museum, Stockholm. In the early 2010’s she sold her turntable and kiln - but without planning it, she had opened the door to another series of work from the burnt and glazed remains left in her workshop. The collection of pieces on display at the London House of Modernity are a stunning variety of both warm-toned, nature-inspired reliefs, and simple white mounted shapes that appear suspended and alive under the influence of shadow.

Price: 29 500 SEK

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