Ceramic sculpture ‘Hybrida’ by Alvina Jakobsson,
Sweden. 2022.



Alvina Jakobsson is a contemporary ceramic artist represented by Modernity.

The start of Jakobsson's process involves her pinching disks of semi-wet clay into the desired form. She then applies the moulded shapes to the body of the vessel, which creates each sculpture’s unique sense of movement and fluidity.

This “Hybrida” sculpture by Alvina Jakobsson is handmade to achieve the complex folded surface. The sculpture’s title “Hybrida” is also the title of the range to which it belongs and merges the artist’s two previous ranges, “Lystra” and “Dandy”.

Working in the south of Sweden, Jakobsson continues to create striking earthenware vessels and sculptures. In 2021, she received the City of Malmö's cultural scholarship for artistic activities.

H: 37 cm / 1' 2 1/2"
Diameter: 27 cm / 10 1/2"

* SOLD *

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