Dining table designed by Morten Höeg Larsen,
Denmark, 2015.

Ebonized wood with walnut and stained wood inlays.


Laser-cut marquetry is the technique that allows for the abstract patterns of this table's remarkable surface. With elegant, slightly curved feet on very straight legs, the table's base was inspired by Chinese "Ming" tables; the simplicity of the lower part ensures that nothing distracts from the elaborate surface design.

Morten Höeg Larsen is one of only few contemporary Danish designers working with marquetry. He uses advanced techniques and modern interpretations. Every design by Höeg Larsen is one-off and unique. This large table was commissioned by Modernity.

H: 72 cm/ 28 1/2''
L: 200 cm/ 6' 6 3/4''
W: 100 cm/ 39 1/2''

Price: 150 000 SEK

Approximate price in your local currency
13 747 EUR
14 463 USD
11 875 GBP
1 978 032 JPY

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