Easy chair “Draco” designed by Stefan Lindfors for Asko,
Finland, 1993.

Birch plywood.

Very limited production.

This extremely rare chair model is one of Stefan Lindfors’ most exciting and complex creations. “Draco” means dragon or serpent, but one might also associate the shape of the chair with an insect. Designed a few years before the production date, “Draco” had proven incredibly difficult and very expensive to realise because of the bent plywood’s singular curves and angles. Even though the chair was not suitable for larger production, its exceptional design was so well received nationally that the Helsinki Design Museum decided in 1993 to have a limited number produced for their hallways.

Lindfors is one of Finland’s most prominent industrial designers; he has worked with large Finish design companies such as Iittala or, in this case, the furniture manufacturer Asko, founded in 1918.

H: 83.5 cm / 2’ 9’’
SH: 42 cm / 16 1/2’’
W: 55 cm / 21 1/2’’
D: 54 cm / 21 1/4’’

* SOLD *

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