Necklace “Mobile” by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe,
France, 1959.

Sterling silver and rutile quartz.

Total drop: 17 cm/ 6 3/4''
W: 15 cm/ 5 7/8''
D: 12 cm/ 4 3/4''

The Mobile necklace is one of Torun's most iconic pieces.

This very example was the one worn by Torun for the famous picture appearing in the book 'Conversations with Torun' by Karin Westin (ed. Carlsson) and in 'the Lunning Prize' exhibition catalogue published by the Swedish National Museum.

Lunning Prize, 1960.
Gold Medal at the Milan Triennale, 1961.

Extracts of Torun's book:

"The Lunning prize went to someone who had pioneered a unique artistic contribution". It was first awarded in 1951, on 21st December, which was Frederik Lunning's birthday. He has devoted a lot of effort to arousing American interest in Scandinavian design. It was in the form of a travelling scholarship- to enable a young craftsman to gain inspiration from other cultures.

...One day in 1960, H. O. Gummerus and Marie Gullichsen arrived at my home in Biot to announce that I had been awarded the prestigious Lunning prize. I was summoned over to Sweden to fetch it - at the Slöjdföreningen (Swedish society for Industrial design) in Stockholm, January, 1961.
...In 1959 I had created a mobile necklace, which wound about the neck and down onto the shoulder, finishing in a large rock-crystal pendant. It was wrought in one continuous piece and swung freely about its axis when suspended. No one had done anything like that before, it was considered a pioneering work and attracted a lot of attention. It was chiefly for this, I think, I was awarded the prize. The same year I also received a Gold Medal at the Triennale in Milan.
Marie Gullichsen, Finland's "Leading Lady" of art and design (and everything else, for that matter), was then only on the adjudicating committee; she was going down to her house in Grasse and thought it a good idea to come over to Biot and tell me the news personally. I had never even heard of the award before, but of course I was delighted, and, unlike other recipients of it I used the prize money for a trip to Sweden.
The last Lunning prizes were given during the seventies. Today the Georg Jensen Prize is awarded biannually in Copenhagen."

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