Modernity hosts an exhibition with Stephen Friedman Gallery in London, opening online from 18th January

Modernity opened its London doors in February 2020 to a showroom within a Palladian mansion of 7 000 square feet in Marylebone filled with the best of Nordic Design: furniture, textiles, lighting and art.

Modernity has invited Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, to present prime pieces of contemporary works of art, with an emphasis on works by two of Sweden’s foremost artists, Mamma Andersson and Andreas Eriksson. Since the opening in February, Modernity has restocked the house with a range of new pieces. Included in our new selection is a rare ’Snowflake’ ceiling lamp by Paavo Tynell and an early model of the iconic Chieftain chair by Finn Juhl. We also have a range of smaller objects available to see, including a rare ceramic vase by Axel Salto.

“We find it interesting to collaborate with other galleries that complement our collection of furniture, textile and lighting. Art is a natural part of everyone’s home, and our pieces from the Nordic countries work very well with the art that Stephen Friedman Gallery presents”, says Andrew Duncanson, director and owner of Modernity.

“Works from artists Stephen represents will be integrated into the space alongside Modernity’s works. We have created immersive rooms where our clients can appreciate a curated ensemble of 20th Century Nordic design, as well as experience the pieces in their natural place – the domestic setting of a listed mansion in the heart of Marylebone. By incorporating artworks from Stephen Friedman Gallery, you extend this experience further”, says Sebastien Holt, director in London.

The exhibition opened virtually from 18th January, and we plan to allow visitors to visit from 13th April. Our online viewing room contains a selection of beautiful imagery, a video tour and a virtual walkthrough tour.

Click here to see our viewing room, containing a virtual tour.