Modernity welcomes its clients back to their London showroom

Modernity has re-opened its UK showroom, set in an 18th century mansion at 14 Cavendish Square in London from June 15th.

"After several months of closure due to the pandemic, we are delighted to be able to see our clients. This will be a great opportunity for collectors and design professionals, or those simply interested in the best pieces of Nordic design, to come and see them in person once again" says Sebastien Holt, who heads the London branch of Modernity.

Modernity moved in February into the Palladian style mansion in central London, built in 1770. The showroom was an instant success with a well-attended opening party and daily private viewings by private collectors and the major decorators in London. The press raved about the set up and the magazine Monocle wrote:

“It’s perhaps the most poised show house you’ll ever see"

Later on in the year, the UK, like most other countries, was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic and took drastic action by locking down society. The London showroom was of course forced to close at this point.

"We have, however, been working throughout this crisis, expanding our reach through greater online content, and by becoming even more of a 'digital company'. Additionally, the gallery in Stockholm has been open, as there wasn't a lockdown in Sweden", explains Sebastien Holt.

As the UK begins to lift the lockdown from June 15th, shops, galleries, museums and alike will be able to re-open, and, therefore, Modernity is very pleased to be able to welcome new and existing clients back to the showroom at 14 Cavendish Square. Prior to the lockdown, we re-imagined some of the spaces by adding new pieces, including a one of a kind sofa designed by Kaare Klint, in oak burl and Niger leather, and the iconic Flora cabinet designed by Josef Frank.

"I will be available most of the time to welcome anyone who is interested in visiting, so please feel free to book an appointment online via my calendar here", says Sebastien Holt.