Occasional table / Dining table ‘Ideal’ designed by Otto Wretling,
Sweden. 1930s.

Birch and rosewood.


Adjustable height.

The 'Ideal' table was designed by Otto Wretling in 1936 and exemplifies the crossover of Swedish Grace and functionalism. It was given this name because it can be both extended and easily lowered and raised using a special mechanism with an ingenious ratchet system. It can be lowered to occasional table height or raised to console height.

This versatile table is partly veneered in exotic woods on the outside. When opened, it reveals a light birch with a geometric lacquered pattern, adding a decorative touch to an otherwise plain surface.

Wretling was born into an artistic family from Umea in the north of Sweden.

H: 64 cm - 76 cm / 2' 1 1/2" - 2' 6"
W: 112 cm / 3' 8"
D: 68 cm / 2' 2" 3/4"
Extended Width: 224 cm / 7'4"

Price: on application

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