Painting ‘African Night II’ by Ole Schwalbe, Denmark. 1950’s.

Oil on board.

L: 124 cm/ 4' 7/8"
W: 124 cm/ 4' 7/8"
D: 3 cm/ 1' 1/8"

Ole Schwalbe, born in Copenhagen, 1929, was first exhibited at the Kunsternes Efterårsudstilling (Artists Autumn Exhibition) when he was just 16. His choice of black, red, and white in his 1950's paintings were intended to represent the three aspects of existence - life/death, body, and soul. This painting, "African Nights II", is a mesmerising example of his art direction at the time, forming part of the second generation of Danish Constructivism known as concrete realism.

Price: 95 000 SEK

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