Painting by Rune Hagberg,
Sweden. 1970's.

Mixed media.

H: 75,5 cm/ 29 3 1/4''
W: 45,5 cm/ 18''

Rune Fredrik Hagberg is a well renowned Swedish artist and author that took much of his inspiration from Zen Buddhism spirituality and Eastern Calligraphy. He is represented at, among others, the Modern Museum and the Norrköping Art Museum. Hagberg's meditative informalism is placed between the concretism and expressionism of the 1950s. His art became simpler and in the end he reduced it so far that only tightly closed picture reels remain, tied around with strings - white, ascetic and secretive. His calligraphically inspired ink painting came to be regarded as one of the 'foremost figures of spontaneity' in Sweden. We have a few other beautiful works by him at Modernity.

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