Pair of easy chairs attributed to Carl-Johan Boman,
Finland, 1950s.

Lacquered wood and reupholstery in Boucle fabric.

These exclusive and extremely comfortable chairs have generous armrests and curved, encompassing shell-shaped backs. They are typically Finnish for the time.

The distinct sweep in the back legs makes them particularly elegant; since the front legs are straight, the back legs offer strong support by kicking out for extra balance. Both chairs are newly reupholstered in the most luxurious Boucle fabric by one of Sweden’s best reupholsters.

H: 72 cm / 2’ 4 1/3’’
SH: 44 cm / 17 1/3’’
W: 77 cm / 2’ 6 1/3’’
D: 74 cm / 2’ 5’’

* SOLD *

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