Wall panel designed by Tapio Wirkkala,
Finland, 1950s.

Veneer wood relief.

Tapio Wirkkala originally designed these panels as tabletops for the company Asko. He created several different marquetry patterns; some panels had a dark base and lighter inlays or, in this case, a light base with darker inlays.

The striking pattern of the rings is achieved by cutting through a solid block of wood laminate. The sculptural rings are a flat section of multiple laminate layers, inlaid into three large birch pieces.

This panel was never used as an actual table surface. It has a visible part for hanging on its back – it was presented in Asko’s showroom for clients to pick their preferred pattern.

Tapio Wirkkala was one of Finland’s most versatile and cherished artists and designers. He was inspired by nature and worked with various Finnish design companies, famously with Iittala.

H: 125 cm/ 4' 1 1/2"
W: 63 cm/ 2' 1 1/8" each panel

Price: 80 000 SEK

Approximate price in your local currency
6 866 EUR
7 356 USD
5 927 GBP
1 027 357 JPY

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