Vase “Surrea” designed by Wilhem Kåge for Gustavsberg,
Sweden, 1950s.


The ‘Surrea’ vase was made by Wilhelm Kåge for Gustavsberg in 1940. The Swede began his career as a painter before becoming Gustavsberg’s artistic director between 1917 and 1949. It was during this time that Kåge developed numerous ceramic designs that were infused with what he had learned from the modern movements in painting and sculpture. The ‘Surrea’ vase, for example, can be seen as a nod to Cubism because of the way the vase is cut in half.

Provernance - Family with connections to Gustavsberg's pottery.

H: 22.5 cm / 8 ¾’’
W: 16 cm / 6 1/4’’
D: 13.5 cm / 5 ¼’’

Price: 9 500 SEK

Approximate price in your local currency
832 EUR
912 USD
722 GBP
135 498 JPY

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