Table model 70 designed by Alvar Aalto for G. A. Berg,
Sweden, 1930s.

Birch and lacquer.

H: 56 cm / 22''
D: 63 cm / 2' 3/4''

Provenance: Architect Helge Barkenius (1901-1957), purchased for his office in Eslöv during the 1930s.

The matching armchair (also currently available) was then given as a gift to architect Göte Andersson (1922-2014), who took over Barkenius' operations during the 1950s. Then the armchair was inherited by the current owner.

Literature: Juhani Pallasmaa, Alvar Aalto Furniture, 1984, the model listed in the index p. 126.

Price: on application

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