Vase/sculpture ‘The Apple’ designed by Ingeborg Lundin for Orrefors,
Sweden. 1957.



H: 37.5 cm / 14 3/4''
Diameter: 30 cm / 11 3/4''

Ingeborg Lundin studied at the National College of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm before teaching in the same city and then joining Orrefors in 1947, the youngest of the firm's third generation of artists and its first woman, remaining with the firm till 1971. She began improvising with novel shapes and new types of engravings which represented a radical departure from Orrefors engraving traditions. Her 'Applet' (Apple), an air filled bubble is probably the best known piece of fifties glass.

Lundin originally designed the Apple vase in 1955 for the Helsingborg Exhibition, a world exhibition dedicated to modern design. It was thereafter, in 1957, presented at the Milan Triennale where it was awarded a gold medal and has since become Ingeborg Lundin's most famous design.

Price: 45 000 SEK

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