Vase “Snurran” designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg
Sweden, 1940s.


Stig Lindberg’s “Snurran” vases belong to a series produced in limited numbers. “Snurran” means that the vase can be turned around. This clever piece can be either two vases and one candle holder or two candle holders and one vase.

Stig Lindberg was one of the most influential Swedish ceramics designers of the post-war years. His designs include individual art pieces as well as decorative production wares, exemplified by many faience designs and utilitarian wares.

Lindberg’s pieces captured the spirit of the times; they are whimsical, playful, and optimistic. Some of his pieces are fantastically patterned, and he frequently combined abstract patterns with motifs from nature.

In 1949, Lindberg became the artistic director at Gustavsberg, the famous Swedish porcelain company that originated in 1826. He had begun his career as an assistant to Wilhelm Kåge at Gustavsberg. Kåge had discovered the young Lindberg, who, just like Kåge himself, was initially a painter. He was brought in to rejuvenate the faience, tin-glazed terracotta pottery with which one can achieve very bright colours.

H: 12 cm/ 4 3/4"
W: 8 cm/ 3 1/8"
L: 20cm/ 7 7/8"

Price: 12 500 SEK

Approximate price in your local currency
1 076 EUR
1 127 USD
933 GBP
167 850 JPY

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