Vessel ‘Kyoto’ designed by Signe Persson-Melin,
Sweden, 2008.

Celadon glazed stoneware.


Signe Persson-Melin's 'Kyoto' jardinière is a celadon glazed stoneware vessel crafted with exquisite artistry in 2008. Its elegant form and delicate celadon glaze evoke a sense of tranquillity reminiscent of traditional Japanese pottery while embodying a contemporary aesthetic.

Signe Persson-Mellin (1925 - 2022) was a renowned Swedish ceramic artist known for her exceptional contributions to the field of pottery and design. Her innovative approach and mastery of form earned her international acclaim, making her a significant figure in contemporary ceramics.

H: 17 cm / 6 3/4''
W: 50 cm / 19 3/4''
D: 28 cm / 11''

Price: on application

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