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  • The exclusive modern design gift guide

    Christmas is the perfect time to indulge the ones you love (or yourself) with a timeless piece of modern design. Whether you chose a lamp, a piece of furniture, glass, ceramics, textile or jewelry at our gallery, you will feel comfortable in picking a carefully curated item.

  • Spotlight on Danish ceramist Sandra Davolio

    Sandra Davolio is one of the most acclaimed Scandinavian ceramists at the moment. Her work can now be found in some of the most beautiful residencies worldwide, as it is gaining interest from an increasing number of international collectors.

  • Financial Times Weekend features Andrew Duncanson

    The Financial Times Weekend features Andrew Duncanson and Modernity in the House & Home section Saturday September 24th. It tells the story of how Andrew became an Expat and about life as a dealer of 20th century Scandinavian design, living in Stockholm and in having a country home by the sea.

  • Modernity featured on BBC’s The Art of Scandinavia

    Modernity is featured in BBC’s extensive program “The Art of Scandinavia”, broadcasted on BBC4 and BBC Worldwide. The presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of Norway, Denmark and Sweden through the region’s art. The third film looks at Sweden as Scandinavia’s ‘modern miracle’ focusing on artists, designers and architects of the 20th century.

  • Modernity supplies international museums

    Modernity has once again sold important pieces of design to international museums. This time the famous Zig Zag chair by Gerrit Rietveld sold to the Milwaukee Art Museum in the US. The National Museum of Scotland has also recently purchased important pieces of jewellery.

  • Ilse Crawford’s collaboration with Modernity

    The world famous design icon Ilse Crawford has created a unique space within the Modernity showroom in Stockholm. Modernity is proud to present for the first time publicly in Sweden her brass cabinet and the Ilse sofa.

  • Peder Moos – Denmark’s master cabinetmaker

    Modernity has the privilege to present four unique pieces by the renowned Danish cabinet maker Peder Moos from 1949. The furniture were made to order and produced by himself. Peder Moos' furniture has been exhibited internationally at museums in Stockholm, the Hague and New York's MoMA.