Ceiling lamp “Snowflake” model 9041 designed by Paavo Tynell for Taito OY,
Finland. Early 1950's.

Brass and brass wire.

Total height: 124 cm/ 4' 8 3/4''
Height of the fitting: 71,5 cm/ 28 1/4''
Diameter: 86 cm/ 34''

Provenance :
Private collection, Belmont, Massachusetts, USA.

The front room at No.14 Cavendish Square, the Palladian mansion that is the London House of Modernity, is beautifully illuminated by our very own Paavo Tynell Snowflake chandelier. Now a coveted collector’s item, Tynell’s series of Snowflake chandeliers in numerous different variations attracted attention across the globe. The model we have at Modernity was one of Tynell’s rarer commissions, for a private household in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. This model remained in the possession of the household by whom it was commissioned until it was recently taken to Scandinavia and is now being exhibited at The London House of Modernity in our new collaborative exhibition featuring Stephen Friedman Gallery.

Each of the varying models of the extraordinary Snowflake chandelier had a couple of elements in common; an intricately perforated brass bowl cradling the bulbs, out of which elegantly shoots several brass rods which grow taller and taller only to curve outwards, almost as a flower or firework would, suspended from which are a cascade of hand-crafted mesh snowflakes. Arguably, however, the most breathtaking marvel arrives when the lights are switched on. A delicate scattering of snowflake shadows decorates and dances across the ceiling of the room it centers.

Finland House Lighting: Harmony in
Lighting for Harmony in Living,
Original Designs by Paavo Tynell,
Example illustrated on page 12.

Paavo Tynell, Chasing Light, Toivo Publishing, Finland. 2020. Illustrated on page 41.

One of the best loved and most acclaimed Finnish designers – Paavo Tynell was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1890. He was an industrial designer, often referred to as ‘the man who illuminated Finland’ through his world-renowned and extremely sought-after work, formed mostly from perforated and polished brass. He was a true pioneer of Nordic lighting design, with his early work proving to be of a functionalist nature during the first stages of his awe-inspiring career. His works today are some of the most coveted collectors items in Nordic lighting design.

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