Table lamp ’Valentiner’ designed by TH. Valentiner for Poul Dinesen,
Denmark. 1960s.

Brass and lacquered metal.

Adjustable stem.

The ‘Valentiner’ table lamp was designed by TH. Valentiner and produced for Poul Dinesen. Crafted from brass, this fully adjustable table lamp is perfectly balanced and has an understated design. The lacquered metal shades can be most commonly found in a deep green colour. The Danish designer TH. Valentiner is somewhat elusive; the only trace to be found of him are these stamped initials on the base of each lamp produced by Poul Dinesen.

H: 57 cm / 1' 10 1/2"
W: 22.5 cm / 8 3/4"
D: 48 cm / 1' 7"

Price: 36 500 SEK

Approximate price in your local currency
3 346 EUR
3 496 USD
2 867 GBP
475 878 JPY

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