Painting ‘No. II’ by Harry Booström,
Sweden. 1953.

Oil on panel.

H: 89 cm/ 2' 11"
W: 119 cm/ 3' 10 7/8"

Harry Booström’s abstract compositions from the 1950’s are a visual and geometric marvel, switching from abstract, to concretist and geometric shapes. His compositions achieve both dynamics and movement through this interplay of form and colour – this work would go on to be exhibited at various locations across Sweden, including the Artists of Söder Exhibition of 1955.

William and Maud Appelquist, Gotland. Gallery Bel'Art, Stockholm. Private Collection, Stockholm.

Norrköping Art Museum,"Harry Booström - Avantgardist och konkretist," March 21 - June 14, 2015.

Norrköping Art Museum, "Harry Booström - Avantgardist och konkretist," pictured exhibition catalogue, p. 20.

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